Live streaming of live streams underneath the city of LA during September 2023 covered by Greater LA: Underflow LA: Artist captures river sounds across the city

A panel discussion on Our River at Shatto Gallery

I am quoted on freedom and the space of the LA River on SBS America News in their coverage of Our River at Shatto Gallery

Our river water is a living archive of our urban lives, and is never the same twice.

I'll be contributing some sounds from beneath the city at this show organized by Shatto Gallery

Man lives between Heaven and Earth suddenly like a guest travelling from afar

I am interviewed alongside many of my favorite people by Denise Hamilton in Alta Journal and Alta Live

From My Liveable City: When Art Re-envisions the City-- How art, activism, and planning have intereacted in the cultural cosmos of Los Angeles

Thank you to Christopher Nyerges for this article about my research into the streams of Northeast Los Angeles

Giving thanks to the four directions is appropriate even as we stand in the middle of a parking lot, as part of NELA Stories Walk on Figueroa Blvd in Highland Park with Maryam Hosseinzadeh and Soraya Em

From My Liveable City: Tending the wilderness within-- how plants of the various land use typologies of Los Angeles can suggest strategies for designing more sustainable cities

Exploring useful and edible plants of typical Los Angeles area land use types at "Science and the Senses," Harvey Mudd College's 2017 Hixon Forum with Christopher Nyerges

Being open to change: Talking about urban landscapes at Dig This! at Moonwater Farm in Compton, a fundraiser for the Ron Finley Project

Intimate, fiery, vernacular, imported, activist, art, compassionate, conflicted, frustrated, inspired,... So many configurations of dialogue at Chats about Change, a taste of which are sampled in this video by Emily Lacy

Jared Green describes the Brightwater landscape, and ends with a mention of No beginning no end... in this Huffington Post article: Brightwater: A Model of 21st Century Infrastructure

Look for No beginning no end... at the beginning and end of Make the world your studio, a video by 4Culture

Changing the Terms of Engagement at Chats About Change: Critical Conversations on Art and Politics at Cal State LA, January, 2015

Flowers For Action, Seeds For Change at Chats About Change: Critical Conversations on Art and Politics at Cal State LA, January, 2015

Students at Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts talk about the North Branch

No beginning no end... covered by Urban Gardens

Public headscratching on the topic of artists and climate change

July 2013 continuation of a conversation on art and science Final Fridays at Montalvo

May 2013 When they were Wild in KCET's Artbound

May 2013 When they were Wild in Eagle Rock Patch

October 2012 Can Artists Heal Nature in Los Angeles? is part of a continuing conversation that began as part of SOC(i)AL: Art + People, previewed on KCET's ArtBound

July 2012 opening of Age of Amphibians at Reseda Pool, installed on shade towers designed by Lehrer Architects

Adventures in Collecting Water details the process of collecting 144 gallons of water to represent the daily consumption of average Angelenos for WaterLAB

Domus publishes photos of WaterLAB at A+D Museum in Los Angeles

Public Art 4Culture reports on the installation of the water blessings at Brightwater

Loving this trailer for the Miroslav Mandic film about Johnny Appleseed, in which I appear, conducting poppy anthropology on York Boulevard. Searching for Johnny has shown at film festivals in Sarajevo and Athens

Representing Taiwan in Motherhood: Mother Image in Asian Art at Ewha Womens University Museum

Brightwater at the AIA Seattle Design Festival

Public Art 4Culture: Brightwater Art & Utility

These photos by Mithun beautifully convey the essence of this large scale engineering project

Circle of Blue reports on Brightwater

said by...

"... Her investigations of public settings-- however whimsical and poetic-- become deceptively strong political statements..."-- Martin Patrick, "Performative tactics and the choreographic reinvention of public space" in Art & the Public Sphere, 2011.

"...That this piece is the first manifestation of the artwork to be installed at Brightwater is a lovely happenstance, for its clarity and poetics embody all the artwork designed for the site..." -- 4Culture on Brightwater

"With each of her projects the product of long-term observation, Jane Tsong's work invites her viewers to pause and contemplate the "myriad small things" that make up quotidian experience."-- Owen Driggs, 2010

"Tsong is one of a growing army of younger Los Angeles artists who gently intervene in the natural and social landscape, in order to stabilize local natural phenomena and improve social conditions, or at least point out the lack of such intervention"-- Peter Frank, 2008